According to sources, the Miami Dolphins have traded Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for a third-round pick in 2012 and a third-round pick in 2013. The move comes in the wake of free agency, where it was expected that the Dolphins would be signing a big name free agent, not releasing one.
The move may have been made by the Dolphins' front office to make room for more potential free agent signings. It's possible Peyton Manning told Miami that the only way he would play for them was if they signed Pierre Garcon and Reggie Wayne. Possibly even Dallas Clark.
I was anxious to see what the Dolphins would do once free agency started, but this is not what I expected would happen. Marshall is one of the top receivers in the league and was a big part of Miami's offense. Miami gave up a second-round pick when they traded for him while he was with the Denver Broncos and are now getting less value with two third round picks.
Marshall will be reunited with Jay Cutler in Chicago, whom he shared success with while they were members of the Denver Broncos. It had been suggested that the Bears would go after a wide receiver, either through free agency or the draft. Instead, they ended up getting one of the top receivers in the league, and only gave up two third-round picks to get him. 
I am curious to see what Miami's plan is after releasing Marshall. If they don't sign Manning and he doesn't bring in the aforementioned receivers, what is Miami going to do with Joe Philbin's pass-heavy offense? If they bring in Matt Flynn, who is he going to throw to?
I really hope Miami has a real solid plan as of now.