With Joe Philbin stepping in as the Miami Dolphins new head coach, the Dolphins are planning to start a new era. Hopefully, a more successful era. Joe Philbin won the coaching battle against Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, and Miami Dolphins interim head coach Todd Bowles, and looks to take the Dolphins from Top 10 contenders for the No. 1 pick in the draft, to Top 10 contenders to win the Super Bowl. 
Philbin comes from a high-powered offense in Green Bay, and that's exactly what Dolphins fans want to see as soon as he distributes his playbook. Miami has lacked offensive power since Dan Marino was throwing passes to the Marks brothers and has since based its offense on the traditional ground-and-pound. 
Tony Sparano had success in his first year when he used the tricky wildcat formation, but once teams began to figure it out, it was doomsday from there on out. Miami has also lacked a franchise quarterback since Marino retired in 1999, and has not even drafted a quarterback in the first round since they took Marino with the 27th overall pick in the 1983 draft.
Philbin will most likely have leverage against anyone interested in signing coveted free agent quarterback Matt Flynn from the Green Bay Packers. However, the Dolphins shouldn't throw money at Flynn like the Cardinals did with Kevin Kolb as we have seen how his first year turned out. Even with a big possibility at signing Flynn, Miami shouldn't discard the opportunity to trade up to the second pick in the draft and take Baylor's quarterback, Robert Griffin III.
If Philbin indeed is able to reel in Matt Flynn this offseason, it will be an interesting battle with Matt Moore since Flynn already knows the playbook, but Moore is more familiar with the players already in the organization.
Philbin will also have to look at defensive coordinators. One name that should be in his, Jeff Ireland's and Stephen Ross' minds is Todd Bowles. Bowles did an excellent job stepping in for Tony Sparano the last three games of the season and led the Dolphins to a 2-1 record. Bowles has the respect of every single player in that locker room and, barring any offer from a team trying to hire him as head coach, the Dolphins should undoubtedly give him the job.
Quarterback is the biggest question mark for the Dolphins at this point and it will be interesting to see who Philbin believes will be the quarterback he wants to turn this franchise around. Whether it be Matt Moore, Matt Flynn, Robert Griffin III, or any other quarterback, the Dolphins just made a huge leap into becoming a successful franchise like they were not too long ago.